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Flavor: Passion Melon Punch
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Axe & Sledge 212 Thermo

Axe & Sledge is back with their "hottest" thermo powdered fat burner ever! 212 is a thermogenic fat burner that promises to help you sweat off those calories. This formula is going to help you enhance your body's metabolism, increase your energy levels all day long (not just at the gym), improve your focus and cognitive skills, and of course, have your sweating during the hard workout and cardio sessions!

Why Take 212 Thermo?

This product is for those men and women looking to increase the amount of calories burned at the gym. If you are working out and want to start losing more weight, Axe & Sledge 212 is the perfect product for you.


  • Passion Melon Punch
  • Sweet Heat Spicy Mango

Highlights & Benefits

  • Delicious Powdered Thermogenic Fat Burner
  • Helps to Burn More Calories
  • Supports Appetite Suppression
  • Increases Mood, Focus & Energy All Day Long
  • Gets You Sweatin' Your Entire Workout or Cardio Session

Directions & Dosage

Axe & Sledge recommends that youstir up one scoop of 212 Thermo into 8 ounces of water. Take 30 minutes before your workout or cardio session.