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Flavor: Chocolate Supreme
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Syntrax Trophix 5.0 | Ultra Sustained-Release Protein 5lbs

Protein isn’t just for body builders! Many casual fitness enthusiasts and those trying to lose weight have been turning to protein lately – not just for its ability to stimulate lean muscle growth, but also for its ability to improve your body composition. In providing your muscles with high-quality protein, you can prevent catabolism (muscle wasting) from occurring as well as improve the rate at which your body burns fat. Unfortunately, while there are a lot of protein powders on the market today, most are loaded with fillers and a whole host of other unnecessary additives, not to mention that they don’t taste very great. Thankfully Syntrax is here with Tropix, a high-quality protein blend from four unique sources that not only tastes amazing, but also has the best amino acid profile out of any protein powder in our entire warehouse! With three decadently creamy flavors that mix so easily you can use a spoon, Tropix makes it easy to hit your daily protein goals – no more chugging down a chalky, clumpy mess! Each scoop of Tropix has 23g of protein sourced from Casein, Whey, Egg Albumin, and glutamine peptides. You may be wondering why Syntrax used a protein blend for Tropix, and that’s because not all proteins are created equal! They each have their own unique properties and benefits, which is why Syntrax included several high-quality protein sources to ensure that you are getting a well-rounded protein supplement. The base protein in Tropix is Casein, the slowest digesting protein, which means you will feel full and satisfied for hours after consuming Tropix, making it ideal for those who are looking to reduce their calorie intake. Even if you don’t want to bulk up or get huge, protein supplementation can have a variety of health benefits including: supporting immune health, optimizing body fat stores, maintaining kidney function, and controlling cravings. It’s time to see what protein can do for you and order your tub of Syntrax Tropix today!


  • Micellar Casein blend with Whey Protein and egg albumin
  • 20g of protein per scoop
  • Stimulates lean muscle growth
  • Improves body composition
  • Stellar amino acid profile
  • Decadent, creamy flavors
  • Easily mixable

Directions and Dosage

Syntrax recommends mixing 1 scoop in at least 8oz. of water or milk. For best results, consume immediately upon waking, after intense physical activity (e.g. weight training), and prior to sleep.

Available Flavors

Chocolate Supreme
Creamy Vanilla
Strawberry Smoothie

Ingredients and Label