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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Equipoise

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Equipoise: Precursor to Boldenone

This is the new reformulated Equibolin Hi-Tech Pharmaceutcals released previously. Equipoise is the perfect prohormone for increasing testosterone, lean muscle and protein synthesis. Highly recommended for those looking to bulk up and get more mass on their frame.

What to Expect from Equipoise?

This prohormone is best for mass and bulking cycles due to being very anabolic.

This formula is made up of 3b-Hydroxy-1,4-Androstadien-17-one Undecanoate and 17a-hydroxy-pregna-1, 4-diene-3, 20-dione. It makes this product 100% as anabolic as Testosterone, but only 50% as androgenic so far less side effects than taking Testosterone itself.

This equates to lean and dense muscle gains with the smallest amount of side effects with almost any prohormone that Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals offers. You will also notice an increase in hunger, which is great for building lean muscle. One of the toughest things is eating enough to put enough lean muscle mass on your frame.

Because Equipoise is capable of increasing red blood cells, any person taking this prohormone should expect increases in huge veins and vascularity. This also means better nutrient delivery into your muscle cells.

5aOHP, which is also included, is a progestin based prohormone (just like the SARM YK-11). You should expect a leaned out look, but as well as added muscle mass. Unlike DHEA prohormones which work with 3bHSD or 17bHSD, progestins use an enzyme called 17,20 Lyase which cleaves the 17 position side chain into a keto group and then ultimately into a hydroxyl which is the active steroid.


Other Benefits & Pros

  • Decreases in Body Fat
  • Increases in Endurance
  • Promotes Skeletal Muscle Growth
  • Boosts Androgen Levels
  • Inhibits Aromatase
  • Improved Cognitive Function
  • Increased Appetite

Directions and Dosage

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals recommends that you take Equipoise for 8 weeks. This will require 2 bottles, but this product is best in longer cycles. 

Is a PCT Required?

With any prohormone, you should always take a PCT supplement. With this product, it is highly recommended to take Arimiplex post-cycle for 4 weeks. This is just one bottle.

Do You Need an Anti-Estrogen

When taking a prohormone it is rare to get estrogen related side effects such as gyno or bloating, it does happen though.

Extremely Low Conversion: The potential conversion rate to estrogen for Equipoise is favorable for increasing tissue growth and repair, but minimal enough that very little noted side effects occur such as estrogen related increased body fat, gynecomastia, or water retention.

If you are concerned, we would recommend adding a bottle of Arimistane to your order and only take it on cycle if you run into side effects. Otherwise, just hold onto it for future cycles.

Stacks & Combos

For Strength / Lean Muscle: We would recommend stacking Equipoise with 1-Testosterone for 8 weeks. This will require two bottles of each.

For Bulking / Mass: We would recommend stacking Equipoise with Halodrol for 8 weeks. This will require two bottles/boxes of each.