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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Arimiplex PCT 60 Capsules

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Arimiplex PCT 60 Capsules cycle support Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals ARIMIPLEX 60CT Special Orders Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals  (1497132007447)
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Arimiplex PCT by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Arimiplex is back and better than ever! Arimiplex is designed to kick start your body's free testosterone making processes to raise your total testosterone levels again. What's more, Arimiplex even contains an anti-estrogen agent that helps block estrogen so that your body cannot create excess estrogen while taking Arimiplex. Arimiplex's formula even contains cardiovascular and liver support matrices to protect and support your heart and liver and their functions. So if you're looking for a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) supplement that covers all of your bases in terms of protection and provides testosterone, heart, and liver support, then you have to try Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Arimiplex for your next PCT!

How Does Arimiplex Work?

Arimiplex works through a formula of prostate, cardiovascular, liver, and testosterone support ingredients. For example, Arimiplex's liver support martix of ingredients features milk thistle extract, which is an ingredient commonly used to treat and protect from liver damage. Arimiplex's prostate support formula predominantly features saw palmetto extract, which has been found to benefit prostate health and and even treat medical prostate conditions. As for elevating testosterone levels, Arimiplex also contains 125mg of fenugreek extract, which in several studies has shown increased strength, libido, and testosterone in men. 

What is Arimiplex For?

  1. It helps to increase testosterone levels.
  2. It will work to reduce high levels of estrogen in the body.
  3. It supports the control of cortisol levels which can lead to increased bodyfat.

Any getting off a prohormone cycle should take Arimiplex for 4 weeks.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Arimiplex Benefits

  • Helps Elevate Testosterone Levels
  • Helps Raise Libido
  • Provides Prostate Support
  • Helps Protect Prostate & Liver
  • Helps Restore Liver Enzymes
  • Helps Block Estrogen
  • Provides Cardiovascular Support

How to Take Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Arimiplex

Take as a dietary supplement. Take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 in the evening. Do not take more than 2 tablets daily. 

Confused about Arimiplex vs Arimistane? Check out our guide!

Does Arimiplex Give You Energy?

Not directly. There are no stimulants in Arimiplex. This product does increase testosterone levels naturally which can increase energy throughout the day.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Arimiplex Ingredients



What are the Side Effects?

There are no reported side effects, but you should discontinue use if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting or other similar symptoms. This product should only be taken by men.


Not for use of persons under the age of 18. Do not use if you are currently breast feeding, pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your doctor prior to use if you have any medical conditions or if you are taking any other medications. Discontinue use immediately if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting or other similar symptoms.


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Looking for more reviews on Arimiplex? You can find reviews from Reddit users and what they thought about Arimiplex. Head over to Reddit.

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