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Allmax Nutrition Digestive Enzymes 90 Capsules

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 Allmax Nutrition Digestive Enzymes 90 Capsules
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Allmax Nutrition Digestive Enzymes 90 Caps

You’ve probably heard that vegetables lose some of their nutrients when they are cooked, but this is true of all foods! When a food is cooked or processed, in addition to losing some of its nutrients, it also loses its natural enzymes, which aid in digestion and absorption. Not everyone wants to start eating a raw food diet, so thankfully Allmax Nutrition brings you the perfect solution: Digestive Enzymes. Comprised of over 11 highly active enzymes, Allmax’s Digestive Enzymes will give you optimum absorption of nutrients in your cooked food, so you can make sure you’re getting the most out of every morsel you eat. What’s more, these digestive enzymes can even go as far as to increase your lean muscle growth by improving your body’s ability to absorb protein. In addition to augmenting the amount of nutrients your body can derive from the food you eat, Allmax’s Digestive Enzymes also function to improve your digestive functions, reducing side effects like gas, bloating, and indigestion. If you are like many serious athletes and are on strict and rigorous nutritional program, it is important to ensure that you maximize the nutritional benefits of the food you eat while reducing the stress on your digestive system. Like all Allmax Nutrition products, Digestive Enzymes is manufactured in a cGMP facility and is put through an intense 5-step quality control process to ensure that you are getting the best and most pure ingredients. Order your bottle of Allmax Nutrition’s Digestive Enzymes today and see a difference in the way you feel and the way you eat!


  • 11 potent enzymes
  • Enhances nutrient digestion
  • Optimizes protein absorption
  • Regulates digestive activity
  • Reduces gas, bloating, and indigestion

Directions and Dosage

Allmax Nutrition recommends taking 1 capsule before each meal. If you are eating larger than normal portions, take 2 capsules.

Ingredients and Label

Allmax Nutrition Digestive Enzymes 90 Capsules Ingredients

Warnings and Side Effects

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. For adult use only. Use only as directed. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

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