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Allmax Nutrition ZMX2 90 Caps

Zinc and Magnesium are two of the most important minerals for athletes, yet their scarcity in the modern American diet has left many deficient. While a deficiency in Zinc and Magnesium is common, unfortunately for serious athletes it can mean a compromised athletic performance, muscle cramps, longer recovery time, and general feelings of fatigue – not a great recipe for success. Thankfully Allmax Nutrition has your back with ZMX2, a powerful Zinc and Magnesium supplement designed specifically for athletes. Even if you’re not deficient in Zinc or Magnesium, every athlete can benefit from supplementing with ZMX2 as it increases both lean muscle mass as well as strength. With such a profound impact on athletic performance, you may be wondering why you haven’t heard about Zinc/Magnesium supplementation, and that’s because these two minerals are notoriously difficult for the body to absorb from supplements. Not a problem for Allmax, as they developed their ZMX2 formula to allow for maximum bioavailability and absorption, so you can be sure that you are getting the most out of capsule you take. What’s more, Allmax loaded ZMX2 with Vitamin B6, which not only enhances the absorption of Zinc, but also functions to reduce inflammation and improve cognitive functions. As with all products from Allmax Nutrition, ZMX2 is produced in a cGMP facility and is put through a rigorous 5-stage quality control process to ensure that you are getting only the finest quality ingredients at their most effective doses. Order your bottle of Allmax Nutrition’s ZMX2 today and see the difference in your gains!


  • Improves sleep quality
  • Speeds up muscle recovery
  • Increases strength and endurance
  • Supports lean muscle growth
  • Reduces anxiety/nervousness
  • Fights fatigue

Directions and Dosage

Allmax Nutrition recommends taking 3 capsules (for men) or 2 capsules (for women) daily, preferably on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before bedtime. For best results, avoid taking with dairy or other calcium containing foods or supplements.

Ingredients and Label

Allmax Nutrition ZMX2 90 Capsules Ingredients