Prohormone PCT For Women

The Perfect PCT for Women: Harmonizer

Are you a woman taking a prohormone cycle and want to keep the results you get from it? Anytime that you take anything that alters your hormones for however short a time, you need something that supports the balance of them back to the normal when you are off that product. That is where Blackstone Labs Harmonize comes in. This PCT (post cycle support) type of supplement can help support the balance of your hormones once you are completed with your prohormone cycle.

Should Women Take Prohormones?

Now the team at Supplement Warehouse doesn't recommend women take prohormones, but we know they do. Prohormones were created for men to increase testosterone levels. That is why we recommend being as safe as possible when doing so if you are a woman and you want to take prohormones. Prohormones such as Decabolin and Osta-Plex (19Nor Andros) are the least androgenic, so the safest out of the ones available for women to take. Again, not recommended, but if you want something with the least amount of side effects, those would be our recommendations.

When taking any prohormones, we would never recommend men or women take more than what is recommended on the bottle. You should also never take prohormones for longer than 8 weeks, which normally equates to two bottles. Once your cycle is completed, you would just onto a PCT supplement such as Harmonize, which was made for women. widget logo