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The Food Movement Black Earth Zeolite 1oz

What is Zeolite? Zeolite is a potent cleanser that supports cellular metabolism and removal of wastes. It also supports healthy inflammatory response and healthy intestinal barrier integrity. Zeolite removes toxins, restores your immune and gut health and promotes pH balance. The Food Movement's Black Earth Zeolite supports natural detoxification and contains all of the ingredients you need to help support your gut health and immune system. 


  • Contains Fulvic Acid: a supercharged mineral blend found in Humic Acid. 
  • Contains Trace Minerals: Trace Minerals are very important minerals that our bodies require small amount of to maintain healthy biologic functions.
  • Promotes Alkalinity: An Alkaline environment is important to maintain health and wellness. Modern diet, stress and environmental toxins all force your body to work overtime in order to maintain your normal pH balance. Zeolite will help your body maintain this range ensuring a healthy pH balance. 
  • Contains over 70 Trace Minerals


Servings Size: 12 drops