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Serious Nutrition Solutions Eria Jarensis (Phenethylamine)

Serious Nutrition Solutions Eria Jarensis 60vc Herbs Serious Nutrition Solutions
Serious Nutrition Solutions Eria Jarensis 60vc Herbs Serious Nutrition Solutions
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Serious Nutrition Solutions Eria Jarensis 60vc Herbs Serious Nutrition Solutions
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Serious Nutrition Solutions Eria Jarensis (Phenethylamine) | Energy Support

Many Customers Compare it to DMHA or DMAA!

Also known as N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine, this is one of the most popular and trending ingredients for increase clean energy and giving you a euphoric feeling. You can find it in some pre-workout supplements, but not to the amount you can find Eria Jarensis from Serious Nutrition Solutions. If you are looking to improve your workouts by increasing energy, mental focus, sense of well being and mood, then Eria Jarensis is for you!

Serious Nutrition solutions is the first company to bring you a standalone Eria Jarensis supplement. Now you can add Eria Jarensis to any pre-workout or fat burning supplement you want to dose it like you want!

Benefits & Highlights

  • Steady, Clean Energy Increase
  • Enhanced Laser Like Focus
  • Improves Your Mood and Sense of Well Being
  • Fast Acting & Long Lasting Formula
  • 150mg of Eria Jarensis Per Capsule

Directions & Dosage

SNS Eria Jarensis capsules give you the convenience & versatility to cost effectively use this awesome ingredient however and whenever you’d like.

Eria Jarensis capsules can be taken with a pre-workout supplement, energy drink, coffee or fat burner when you need even more energy or an extra boost.


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