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Source Naturals Vinpocetine 10mg 120 Tablets | Improved Memory

Vinpocetine is a man made ingredient with a substance similar to that of something found in the periwinkle plant. This supplement is used as a Nootropic to improve memory and increase brain metabolism. Vinpocetine is considered a neuroprotective agent. 

Source Naturals Vinpocetine Benefits

  • Supports Improved Memory & Enhanced Cognitive Performance
  • Supports Healthy Cerebral Blood Flow
  • 120 Servings Per Bottle

What is Vinpocetine Used For?

Vinpocetine is used for a variety of cognitive reasons including improving memory, increasing brain metabolism. Some also use Vinpocetine following a stroke, dementia, or other diseases of the central nervous system. 

Is Vinpocetine Banned?

Vinpocetine is allowed in the USA, however it is banned in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada due to it being a Nootropic Agent. 


Take 1 tablet anywhere from 1-3 times daily. 

Source Naturals Vinpocetine 10mg 120 Tablets Supplement Facts



Do not exceed 3 tablets per day.