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SlinMax 120 Caps | Nutrient Partitioning Supplement

Do you want to run away screaming after just reading the word carb? Conquer your fear of carbohydrates with SlinMax from Performax Labs. Contrary to popular belief, carbohydrates don't make you fat, in fact, they are an essential component of any healthy diet. Why the bad reputation? When you eat carbohydrates, some of it is converted into energy and the rest is stored as fat for later use. With SlinMax, you will get the most out of your carb intake, without the extra fat. SlinMax acts as a nutrient partitioner that effectively shuttles the carbs you consume directly to your muscles to be converted to energy. Stop wasting your time with low-carb or carb-free diets. Order your bottle of SlinMax today and start giving your body the complete nutrients it needs!

About SlinMax

Carbohydrates are one of the three essential macronutrients that any successful athlete or bodybuilder needs, the other two being fat and protein. The problem with carbs is, while our bodies need them for energy, whatever carbs our body doesn't use right away are converted into fat stores for later use. Because of this, carbs have been shunned by many in the fitness community for the false misconception that carbs make you fat. While eating entire bowl of pasta or an entire loaf of bread will give your muscles a massive energy boost, some of that energy will invariably be converted into fat. That's where SlinMax from Performance Labs comes in. This powerful nutrient partitioner works to ensure that your muscles are getting the full benefits of the carbohydrates you consume, minus the fat conversion process. With more energy going to your muscles, this means bigger pumps, more vascularity (blood flow), and increased lean muscle growth. What's more, SlinMax isn't just for bulking cycles, but it can also be an effective component of cutting cycles too! Taking SlinMax in conjunction with a meal with a moderate amount of carbohydrates can help reduce bloating, improve digestion, and of course, prevent carbs from being converted into fat. Stop avoiding carbs and order your bottle of SlinMax today!


  • Powerful nutrient partitioner
  • Regulates blood glucose levels
  • Converts carbohydrates into energy instead of fat
  • Boosts nutrient absorption
  • Promotes muscle gains and hardness

Directions and Dosage

Performax Labs recommends taking 2 capsules 10-20 minutes before a high carb meal twice daily.

Ingredients and Label