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Organic Sugar Substitute | Now Foods Lactose

Lactose, also known as "Milk Sugar," is a natural Sugar found in Milk with about 20% the sweetness of Sugar. Now Foods Lactose is extracted from sweet or sour Whey to be used in unique Food applications as well as a sweet addition to children's Milk. Now Foods Lactose also acts as a good way to support the growth of good Gut bacteria like Acidophilus. So pick up a pack of Now Foods Lactose today to experience these benefits. Introducing Now Foods Lactose!! 

How Do I Eat Now Foods Lactose?

Now Foods recommends adding one (1) Teaspoon of Lactose to any Food or Beverage that you'd like to naturally sweeten. 

Now Foods Lactose Benefits

  • Assists In The Growth Of Good Gut Bacteria 
  • Naturally Sweet Formula
  • 100% All Natural & Certified Organic Formula
  • Fully Transparent Label & Generously Dosed Ingredients
  • Easy To Take On-The-Go
  • Non-GMO & Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly Option
  • Natural Sugar Found In Milk

Now Foods Lactose Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon

Serving Per Container: About 114

Calories 15

Calories from Fat 0

Total Fat 0g 

Saturated Fat 0g 

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 0mg 

Sodium 0mg 

Total Carbohydrate 4g 

Dietary Fiber 0g 

Sugars 4g

Protein 0g

Other Ingredients: Pure Lactose (Milk).

Now Foods Lactose Warnings & Side Effects 

If symptoms of Lactose intolerance occur, such as Abdominal Gas or Diarrhea, discontinue use.


Szilagyi A, Ishayek N. Lactose Intolerance, Dairy Avoidance, and Treatment Options. Nutrients. 2018;10(12):1994. Published 2018 Dec 15. doi:10.3390/nu10121994


Forsgård RA. Lactose digestion in humans: intestinal lactase appears to be constitutive whereas the colonic microbiome is adaptable. Am J Clin Nutr. 2019;110(2):273-279. doi:10.1093/ajcn/nqz104

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