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New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care 30 Tabs | Bone Health Support Supplement

New Chapter has formulated a product that aids in maintaining health of the bone as well as promoting bone density for stronger and healthier bones. Evidence suggests that calcium from whole food sources may produce more favorable effects in bone health than isolated calcium supplements. Similar to most nutrients, the body can utilize calcium much more effectively when it is paired with its natural co-factors such as magnesium and other trace minerals.

New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care Highlights:

  • Bone-supporting calcium your body recognizes as food*
  • With AlgaeCal®, a proprietary plant source of calcium
  • Whole-Food Cal/Mag Vitamin D3 and K2 Complex

New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care Benefits:

  • Increases the Calcium Surface on Bones
  • Promotes Stronger and Healthier Bones
  • Contains a Calcium Complex
  • Promote calcium absorption and utilization

New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care Directions:

Take 3 tablets with 8 oz. of water in the middle of a larger meal. For best results, take one tablet with lunch and two tablets with dinner daily.

New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care Ingredients:

New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care Side Effects and Warning:

As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product. For use with children or if you are nursing, pregnant, considering pregnancy, or taking Coumadin/Warfarin, you should consult your health care practitioner prior to using this product.