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Nutrient Rich Pumpkin Seed Oil - North American Herb & Spice Pumpkinol

If you're looking for a way to get your Nutrients in, North American Herb & Spice Pumpkinol has got you covered. North American Herb & Spice Pumpkinol is 100% all natural & Certified Organic formula, & is easy to take on-the-go. North American Herb & Spice Pumpkinol contains natural Phytosterols & Chlorophyll, & acts as a complete source of Essential Fatty Acids. North American Herb & Spice Pumpkinol contains a pleasant & aromatic taste, & is easy to pop in to your Soups, Salads, or over Veggies. On top of all of that, North American Herb & Spice Pumpkinol is a natural source of Vitamin E! Step up your Nutrient intake today. Pick up a bottle!! Introducing North American Herb & Spice Pumpkinol!!

North American Herb & Spice Pumpkinol Benefits

  • 100% All Natural & Certified Organic Formula
  • Easy For On-The-Go Bottle Product
  • Contains Natural Phytosterols & Chlorophyll 
  • Acts As A Complete Source Of Essential Fatty Acids
  • Natural & Organic Source Of Vitamin E 
  • Helps To Reduce Hot Flashes & Hormonal Related Headaches
  • May Help To Lower Cholesterol Levels Over Time
  • Contains A Pleasant, Aromatic Taste
  • Easy To Add To Soups, Salads, Or Over Veggies

How Do I Take North American Herb & Spice Pumpkinol?

North American Herb & Spice recommends taking one (1) or more Tablespoons daily. Add to any Food, Salads, Soups or Vegetables.

North American Herb & Spice Pumpkinol Ingredients

Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon

Servings Per Container: 24

Calories 135

Calories From Fat 135

Total Fat 14g 

Saturated Fat 1g 

Polyunsaturated 7.5g

Monosaturated 5.5g

Cholesterol 0mg 

Sodium 0mg 

Total Carbohydrate 0g 

Dietary Fiber 0mg 

Protein 0g

Vitamin E 10IU 

Linoleic Acid 553mg

Other Ingredients: Extra Virgin Austrian Pumpkin Seed Oil, Natural Flavors (Antioxidant Essential Oil Blend).

North American Herb & Spice Pumpkinol Side Effects & Warnings

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements, consult your Healthcare Professional before use. See product label for more information.


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