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Beverly International Muscle Provider 1lb 14.68 oz | Fast Acting Protein Powder

Muscle Provider is a fast-acting whey protein supplement from Beverly International. The formula contains a blend of whey protein hydrolysate, whey protein isolate, and whey protein concentrate. There is only 1 gram of sugar and fat in this product, so you get more protein and less filler.

Beverly International Muscle Provider has a superior taste, quality, mixability, and bioavailability than almost any protein product on the market. You should take this product during the probolic window post-workout to improve size, strength and recovery.

Beverly International Muscle Provider 1lb 14.68 oz Benefits

  • Blend of Fast-Acting Proteins
  • Only 1 Gram of Fat and Sugar
  • Instantly Mixes
  • Improves Size & Strength
  • Enhances Recovery
  • Delicious Taste


Consume Beverly International Muscle Provider for post-workout nutrition, and to introduce more protein to your diet.