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JujiMufu Ahhh Ammonia Smelling Salts (Joe Rogan & Theo Von)

 JujiMufu Ahhh Ammonia Smelling Salts (Joe Rogan & Theo Von)
 JujiMufu Ahhh Ammonia Smelling Salts (Joe Rogan & Theo Von)
 JujiMufu Ahhh Ammonia Smelling Salts (Joe Rogan & Theo Von)
 JujiMufu Ahhh Ammonia Smelling Salts (Joe Rogan & Theo Von)
 JujiMufu Ahhh Ammonia Smelling Salts (Joe Rogan & Theo Von)
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JujiMufu Ahhh Ammonia Smelling Salts (As Seen on Joe Rogan Podcast w/ Chrissy and Theo Von)

Are you a fan of the Joe Rogan brand podcast? Then you know about these freakin strong smelling salts! He has had a ton of guests (including Theo Von) on his show test out these smelling and sniffing salts and it has now been billed as "the Most Potent Smelling Salts in the world." There is no other smelling salt that is as strong as the JujiMufu Ahhh Ammonia Smelling Salts. If you want the smelling salts Joe Rogan uses on his show, then you have made it to the right place! Sniff away! You can also see Chrissy smelling salts.

These smelling salts come in a bottle and are in powder form. These are not packets, pills or tablets, which don't seem to work as well.

Why Take Smelling Salts? Pros & Benefits

Smelling salts are inhaled/sniffed stimulants & Ammonia that increase breathing and blood flow to the brain. Many people take smelling salts for the gym and for sports such as football.  You will notice any instant rush of energy and focus after inhaling just once.

  • Looking to hit that new PR on deadlift, squat or bench
  • Need energy for football, hockey or other sports
  • More focus for early morning workouts
  • Take before going to work for extra energy and focus

Are Smelling Salts a Drug?

No, they are a legal supplement that helps you increase energy, focus and breathing just by sniffing.

What do Smelling Salts Smell Like?

Smelling salts are made of a chemical, usually ammonia, that has a very strong smell. Some products are available in flavors. This chemical causes you to "wake up" quickly.

How to Take JujiMufu Ahhh Ammonia Smelling Salts

Just like on the Joe Rogan Podcast, take one strong whiff of them prior to a lift or when you need energy. Previously this was available in bottle form, but now available in the bag. Same power, just different packaging. Just watch the clip of Joe Rogan and Theo'll know exactly what to do!

What does Jujimufu smelling salts do?

Jujimufu smelling salts activate the inhalation reflex by irritating the mucous membranes in your respiratory tract. This causes muscles that control the breathing process to perform faster. It's a negative sensory sensation, enhancing activities of the heart and brain by activating the sympathetic nervous system.

Warnings & Side Effects

When used properly smelling salts typically don't have any adverse effects. Some uncommon side effects include coughing and difficulty breathing. 

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