Own a Supplement Warehouse Store!

Own a Supplement Warehouse Store!

If you’ve ever stepped foot in one of our retail locations, then you understand we offer the highest quality products, the most in depth product and nutrition knowledge, and the lowest prices. You could own your very own location!

Why Own A Supplement Warehouse?

Supplement Warehouse is a globally known name that has been growing faster than ever, and we need YOUR help to allow us to expand into more untapped markets! We’re looking for entrepreneurs that are motivated by profits, have a love for the industry, and most importantly want to help people reach their goals by providing the best possible products for their health and fitness journeys. We need leaders that want to become the beacon in their community for all things related to health and fitness. Our stores have always been founded upon and built on relationships within the community, whether it be our customers or surrounding businesses.

How Will You Support A Franchise?

You won’t be in it alone. When you sign on as a Supplement Warehouse franchisee, we’ll impart the techniques and methods needed to have your franchise business get running and be successful. You will have support and knowledge to get a strong base for your business to grow with the same high standards that has made Supplement Warehouse what it is today. We’ll make sure you know what you need to know from start to finish with aspects such as: location selection, construction, lease negotiations, hiring, building a great team, and learning all of the operational procedures.

The supplement industry continues to grow at an increasing pace year after year, and this is your opportunity to carve out your piece of it!

Billings, Montana

Bolingbrook, Illinois

College Station, Texas

Fargo, North Dakota

Killeen, Texas

Lufkin, Texas

Mankato, Minnesota

Mokena, Illinois

Omaha, Nebraska

Orland Park, Illinois

Rapid City, South Dakota

Shererville, Indiana

Sioux Falls, Texas

Tyler, Texas

West Allis, Wisconsin

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