What is DMHA | The Benefits & Side Effects [2023 Updated]

What is DMHA | The Benefits & Side Effects [2023 Updated]

What is DMHA?

Dimethylhexylamine (DMHA) is an ingredient used in dietary supplements to boost workout performance, burn fat and/or increase weight loss. DMHA is similar to DMAA (dimethylamylamine), another stimulant, which has been removed from the market due to safety concerns.

What Does DMHA Do?

DMHA speeds up your nervous system, as it is a stimulant. It can make you feel jittery and speed up your heartbeat.

What Does DMHA Do to the Body?

DMHA stimulates the nervous system.

Is DMHA Legal?

DMHA is legal, Supplement Warehouse does not sell any products that are illegal or any products containing illegal ingredients.


Is DMHA Safe?

DMHA is safe within doses of 100-225mg.

Is DMHA Safer Than DMAA?

DMHA is safer than DMAA, as DMAA is banned in the U.S.

How Long Does DMHA Stay in Your System?

DMHA stays in your system for 1-2 hours.

Is DMHA Banned?

DMHA is not banned. DMAA is banned in the U.S.

Can DMHA Cause a False Positive?

It is possible for DMHA to cause a false positive.

What is DMHA Used For?

DMHA is most commonly used in pre-workout, weight loss and fat burner supplements as its benefits include appetite suppression, enhanced energy. enhanced focus, memory & attention and decreases rates of exertion.


DMAA is banned in the U.S. DMHA is not banned.

Does DMHA Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

It is possible for DMHA to cause erectile dysfunction.

How Much DMHA is Safe?

The proper dosage is between 100 - 225 mg.

Is DMHA a Steroid?

DMHA is not a steroid, it is a central nervous stimulant.

Does DMHA Lower Testosterone?

DMHA does not lower testosterone.

Is DMHA Addictive?

DMHA is not addictive.


Does DMHA Increase Your Heart Rate?

DMHA can have the effect of increasing your heart rate.

Does DMHA Suppress Your Appetite?

DMHA can have the effect of appetite suppression.

DMHA Side Effects

DMHA can have an effect on blood pressure, blood vessels and the heartbeat.

DMHA Benefits

DMHA can boost your workout performance, burn fat, increase weight loss & support appetite suppression.

DMHA Half Life

The DMHA half life is between 9 - 11 hours.

Other Names for DMHA

2-Amino-6-Methylheptane, 2-Ainoisoheptane, Juglans Regia, Black Walnut, English Walnut.

Pre-Workouts Containing DMHA

Fat Burners Containing DMHA

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