New Ghost Strawberry Margarita Energy Drink

Ghost Margarita Energy Drink

This must be the season of new energy drinks! If you read our previous one, Reign just released a new Tropical Storm flavor, and now Ghost is out with a new Strawberry Margarita flavored energy drink called Strawbango margarita. I have to be honest here. I really wasn't a fan of the Strawberry Bubblicious energy drink Ghost released in the spring. Too chemically of a taste. Was a huge let down from their other flavors like Swedish Fish, Orange Crème, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry and Red Berry. These flavors are absolutely delicious and only 200mg of caffeine, making them a nice alternative to BANG! and Reign.

Strawbango Margarita...but No Alcohol

Back to the new flavor. While our team hasn't been able to get the can in our hands yet, from what we have heard, this flavor will be close to the real thing. They have improved on the issues they had with the other strawberry flavor, which we are happy to hear about. Now for those of you thinking this is some alcoholic drink, it's not. Don't confuse it with the acholic energy drink Bang is supposed to release later this year. This just tastes like you are drinking an strawberry margarita, but with extra energy and no hangover. I bet the ladies are going to love it!

So when can you get your hands on it? We are assuming we should have this in stock and ready to ship late September or October. Don't hold us too it though! Whenever Ghost releases a new flavor, it is almost impossible to get because of the popularity.

So to ensure you get one, make sure to sign up below to be notified of when we get it in stock!



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