New Reign Tropical Storm Flavor

Tropical Storm Reign

Monster is back with the newest flavor of Reign, which they call Tropical Storm. Reign has been really hitting it hard over the past few years in order to go after their main competitor, BANG. I personally have been split lately and sometimes drinking Reign, sometimes BANG, and sometimes I go with a Ghost energy drink. So anytime a brand such as Reign comes out with new energy drink, I get excited, especially one called Tropical Storm.  The latest from them have been delicious. White Gummy Bear, Rainbow Sherbet some of my favorites.

Reign/Monster has told us that this new Tropical Storm flavor is a combination of orange and pineapple...which sounds absolutely delicious. I haven't seen an energy drink company come out with any sort of pineapple flavored drink yet, so this should be interesting!

Everything else about this energy drink will be standard to Reign. All the same ingredients. 10 calories per can. 300mg of caffeine. Nothing new there. Just the flavor.

So when can you get your hands on this new Tropical Storm flavor. We have been told by our supplier late September or early October. If you want to be notified of when we will get this new flavor in, make sure to sign up for our email notification list below. We will let you know as soon as you can purchase it and you'll be the first one of your friends to have it!

Reign Tropical Storm Energy Drink




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