Acacia Rigidula

Acacia Rigidula

What Is Acacia Rigidula?

Acacia Rigidula is a type of shrub that grows in Southwest and West Texas. It also grows in Northern Mexico. The chemicals in Acacia Rigidula may have stimulant effects which is why it is used in some weight loss and performance supplements. The shrub contains large amounts of the chemical phenethylamine, specifically in its leaves.

What Is Acacia Rigidula Good For?

1. Tea can be made from the flowers which may exhibit sedative properties.

2. The roots can also be made into tea which can be used for treating sore throats, coughing and mouth inflammation.

3. Acacia Rigidula seeds can be used to alleviate symptoms of stomach aches and diarrhea.

4. The leaves can be ground up to be used to stop bleeding, provide relief of chafed skin and used as a antimicrobial wash.

Acacia Rigidula Effects

1. Raised blood pressure

2. Increased heart rate

3. Some users claim that the plant improves focus

4. Increases metabolic rate which enhances weight loss

5. Lower body fat percentage

Acacia Rigidula Doasge

The recommended dose of Acacia Rigidula depends on the users age, health and other conditions. Due to the lack of information about Acacia Rigidula, the appropriate dosage has yet to be determined.

Is Acacia Rigidula Illegal?

Acacia Rigidula is legal, Supplement Warehouse does not sell any products that are illegal.

Does Acacia Rigidula Show Up On A Drug Test?

It may cause a false positive for an Amphetamine drug test.

Is Acacia Rigidula Extract Ephedra?

Acacia Rigidula is often called the Ephedrine Imposter as it is a metabolic stimulator. It is possible that Acacia Rigidula may be superior to Ephedra.

Can You Buy Acacia Rigidula?

Yes, you can buy Acacia Rigidula. It is usually included in the formula as an ingredient in some products.

Is Acacia Rigidula The Same As Acacia Senegal?

Acacia Senegal is another name for Acacia Rigidula.

Are Acacia Rigidula And BMPEA Related?

The main bioactive of Acacia Rigidula is BMPEA (B-methylphenylethylamine).

Acacia Rigidula Is Also Known As:

1. Vachellia Rigidula

2. Chaparro Prieto

3. Blackbrush

Acacia Rigidula Pure Extract

It is important to pay attention to how pure the extract is when determining dosage, as the strength may vary depending on dosage.

Acacia Rigidula Alkaloids

The plant is known to contain four alkaloids including N-methyl-β-phenethylamine, tyramine, N-methyltyramine, and hordenine.

Does Acacia Rigidula Have DMT In It?

Another Alkaloid found in Acacia Rigidula is DMT (Dimethyltryptamine).

Acacia Rigidula Benth

Acacia Rigidula Benth is the scientific name.

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