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I-Prevail T2 Rise Thermo Non-Stim Fat Burner

One of the strongest thermogenic non-stimulant fat burners released is now available to the public. I-Prevail has formulated this thermogenic fat burner to give you all the weight loss effects of the most powerful fat burner without all the stimulants. I-Prevail created T2 Rise to improve your metabolic rate, support improved lipolysis and increase thyroid function. This is the perfect fat burner for those that don't want the stimulants, but still want help to lose weight and feel great all day long.

Benefits & Highlights of T2 Rise

  • Stimulant Free Non-Jitter Formula
  • Helps to Increase Your Metabolic Rate
  • Supports Lipolysis
  • Can increase Thyroid Function
  • This can be stacked within stimulant pre-workouts and fat burners

Directions & Dosage

I-Prevail recommends that you take just one capsule of T2 Rise per day with or without food.

Supplement Facts