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Glaxon Thermal Powdered Non-Stimulant Fat Burner

Glaxon is known for some amazing supplements, including their fat burners. They now have released a 24/7 fat burning non-stimulant powerhouse. Glaxon Thermal powder was formulated to burn more fat all day long. Because it is non stimulant, you are not going be up all night or get the jitters.

This product stimulates the fat cells and helps to change more white fat cells into brown fat cells, which are much more metabolically active in the body. This results in more weight loss than you have ever experienced before.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Non Stimulant Formula
  • Perfect for those that are Stim-Sensitive
  • Can Be Take Anytime During the Day
  • Increases Thermogenesis
  • Amazing Flavors

Directions & Dosage

Glaxon recommends that you take one serving of Thermal Powder and mix it in 16 ounces of water. You should take in the morning or before your workout. Do no exceed more than two servings per day.