Package Protection Program

Supplement Warehouse offers a USA Shipping Guarantee for an additional $1.99 - $2.99 to your order. International is $6.99. If you opt in to our Shipping Guarantee then your order will be provided benefits to ensure you get your order one way or another.

You have 2 weeks (14 days) from the day the package is marked as delivered to reach out to us about its whereabouts. After two weeks we cannot refund or replace your package.

What the guarantee will cover is:

  • Any package that has arrived damaged caused by the shipping service. If your package is damaged in transit, we will cover your reship back to us, which is required. Just call our customer service department to file a claim to get a reship sent for free.
  • Any package that is lost in transit and is never marked as being delivered.

What the guarantee does not cover is:

  • A package showing delivered. If your package shows as delivered, then you will need to reach out to the carrier (USPS/UPS) that you chose. You can file a claim with them as it would be under their jurisdiction and responsibility at that point.
  • Flavor or taste dissatisfaction
  • Damage from weather, temperature, or humidity
  • Seizure or destruction under quarantine or Customs regulations widget logo