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Gorilla Mind Bar 12/Box

 Gorilla Mind Bar 12/Box
 Gorilla Mind Bar 12/Box
 Gorilla Mind Bar 12/Box
 Gorilla Mind Bar 12/Box
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 Gorilla Mind Bar 12/Box
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Gorilla Mind Protein Bars

Tired of terrible tasting protein bars? Sick of the chalky, hard-to-chew "snacks" from the large brands? Then you need to try Gorilla Mind protein bars. One of the best tasting protein bars to ever be released into the world. These delicious protein bars pack 20 grams of protein in an incredible tasting, stomach friendly size. You will never go back to another protein bar again.

Highlights & Benefits

  • 20 Grams of Protein, Including Whey Isolate
  • Improved Taste & Texture
  • Friendly on the Stomach
  • Extremely Satisfying...These Will Fill You Up!

Wait...They Have Updated Their Bars!

Improved Flavors: Our first generation bars all used peanut butter as the base nut butter, which is a powerful flavor that masked much of the individual flavor in each bar. In addition to increasing the flavor intensity, we also switched to a cashew butter base for cookies & cream, oatmeal chocolate chip, and cookie dough. We did keep peanut butter for the peanut butter cup flavor of course. Lastly, we optimized the sodium content for maximum flavor.

Improved Texture: our first generation bars were firmer than we wanted them to be and become firmer over the course of their shelf life. To improve this, we adjusted the ratio of whey powder to whey crisps, introduced more inclusions such as chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, or cookie pieces, and adjusted the overall protein content slightly to 20 grams per bar. The outcome was a much softer bar with better texture.

Improved Melt Point: to help address the potential for the bars melting in hot climates during the summer months we’ve improved the coating used on the bars. This provides a higher melt point. While this doesn’t guarantee they won’t begin to melt in very hot conditions, it does increase the melt point relative to our first generation bars for a better customer experience.

Current Flavors

Cookies & Cream: Increased amount of cookie inclusions. Increased salt and coating melt point. We also changed it to a cashew butter base.

Peanut Butter Cup: Added in peanut butter chips. Improved peanut butter flavoring. Increased salt and coating melt point.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip: Added in chocolate chips. Increased oatmeal flavor and coating melt point. We also changed it to a cashew butter base.

Our Take

I personally love how Gorilla Mind listens to their customers. While they had a good bar, they got feedback about many issues their customers had, and then improved them. I personally have had all three flavors and they are delicious. Heavier in the calories, but definitely a bar that will fill you up.

- Jeff Moriarty


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