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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Testosterone 21 120t | Testosterone Boosting Supplement

Testosterone 21 is a testosterone booster for men that supports increased testosterone production, improved strength and physical performance. Testosterone 21 will help build lean muscle and enhanced stamina & libido. This brand new product from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals contains the highest grade extracts at potent dosages of Fadogia and Longjack. These are known to boost testosterone levels to a point that makes you feel like you're 21 again! Tongkat Ali, also known as Longjack, has been shown to support male hormonal balance (including testosterone availability), libido and performance, according to recent studies. A recent study evaluating the testosterone promoting benefits of Tongkat Ali also discovered higher levels of energy and physical strength among athletes taking a Tongkat Ali supplement compared to those not taking the supplement. Fadogia Agrestus has been shown to increase levels of testosterone in the blood within 5 days of daily oral administration. Fadogia increases total and free testosterone levels while helping athletes recover from strenuous exercise. This formula also includes 660 mg of premium Ashwagandha extract, which can promote muscle mass, muscle strength as well as reduce cortisol. 


  • Men's Testosterone Booster
  • Increased Testosterone Production
  • Improved Strength
  • Improved Physical Performance
  • Help Build Lean Muscle
  • Enhances Stamina & Libido
  • Includes Fadogia & Longjack
  • Supports Male Hormonal Balance
  • Higher Levels of Energy


Take 2 tablets twice daily with meals. Optimal effectiveness should be felt within 1 to 3 weeks.