Ryse MoonPie Protein Powder - To the Moon!

Ryse Supps Moonpie Protein

What a year for Ryse Supplements. Not only taking over the pre-workout market, but the energy drink market and now the protein market as well! Their pre-workout supplement have been killing it with online influencers and honestly, they are pretty ingredient heavy. I have personally taken the Ryse Pre-Workout and it is a solid supplement for get you some amazing workouts. The energy drinks are absolutely delicious (minus the Smarties). My favorite is the Ring Pop flavor, which reminds me of eating those delicious things when I was a kid. But let's forget all the other products Ryse Supplements is dominating the market with and get back to the main reason you are here...the Moon Pie Flavor!

Ryse MoonPie Protein

Ryse Supps Moon Pie Protein

Who remembers growing up eating a MoonPie when in school? I sure as hell do! Ryse Supplements has decided to partner up with MoonPie and come out with a delicious protein powder that has the flavors of chocolate, graham cookie and marshmallow...mmm mmm how good is this protein going to be!

This new flavor will be part of the Loaded Protein collection. It should have similar macros including the 25 grams of protein.

Ryse Supps will most likely be the only one releasing this in the beginning, but our team at Supplement Warehouse plans on getting this as soon as it is available to retailers. Just make sure to sign up for our email list to be notified when this new flavor is available for purchase!

 Don't miss out on the other Jet Puffed Marshmallow flavored protein from Ryse too!

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