PJ Braun is back and ready!

PJ Braun is back and ready!

We just found out that PJ Braun is back from prison and ready to join the efforts with Blackstone Labs again! He is returning after a 54 month hiatus due to former charges stemming from a November 2021 case. We're excited to welcome his return and hopeful to see how this turns out for Blackstone Labs.

PJ Braun has been pivotal to the formation and grown of Blackstone Labs, one of our best selling brands here at Supplement Warehouse. As president, PJ Braun was pivotal to Blackstone Labs' success. PJ has had a very strong presence on social media especially including Instagram, where he has a strong and loyal following. Keep an eye out for any announcements here, on instagram via @PjBraunFitness, and Blackstone's own account at @Blackstone_Labs.

Feb 3rd 2024

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