Top 5 Sleep Supplements To Ensure A Good Night's Sleep

Top 5 Sleep Supplements To Ensure A Good Night's Sleep

Top 5 Sleep Aid Supplements To Help Encourage A Good Night's Sleep

1. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Melatonin: Often have trouble sleeping? If you've ever been kept up all night by lack of sleep, you likely know how frustrating it can be. Start falling asleep faster and more reliably with Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Melatonin! Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has a superior Melatonin formula because of the fact that it contains immediate release and sustained release Melatonin, totaling 10mg of Melatonin in one serving. This combination of immediate and sustained release Melatonin helps your Body fall asleep naturally and signals to your Body to stay asleep as well.

2. Prime Nutrition Sleep/GH: Sleep/GH contains a blend of ingredients scientifically formulated to make you calmer, therefore putting your mind into REM sleep faster than if you were trying to fall asleep by yourself. When you consume Prime Nutrition Sleep/GH, you will reach REM sleep incredibly fast, maintain it throughout the night, and wake up refreshed and recovered without any sense of grogginess. During REM sleep the Body releases a Growth Hormone that helps with Body functions, and especially in developing new Muscle Tissue, a process called Hyperplasia. REM sleep is extremely important, and now with Sleep/GH you can maintain REM sleep the whole night and wake up feeling like a brand new person.

3. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Somatomax: Somatomax is a supplement which comes in powdered form which is designed to improve sleep and increase the Body's production of Human Growth Hormone, also known as HGH. During youth, the Body has high levels of HGH, however it slows production of HGH as a person gets older. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Somatomax users believe that be stimulating this Hormone, the supplement may help sleep, increase Bone density, burn fat, and increase emotional well-being. Somatomax is one of the most popular products in the Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals product line.

4. Alpha Lion Super Human Sleep: Alpha Lion Super Human Sleep will help to lower your Stress and Anxiety levels over time, and provides your Body with the Electrolytes and Minerals that it needs before bedtime. Super Human Sleep contains many different sleep aiding matrices, and will help to also accelerate your Body's recovery times and Muscle growth. Alpha Lion's formula will promote better and more restful sleep, and reduce unnecessary tension throughout the Body. Alpha Lion Super Human Sleep supports better REM sleep, and will also aid with weight loss goals as well!

5. ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet White Chocolates: Having trouble sleeping? Don't want to skip the sweet, bedtime snacks? Then ZenEvo has the solution for you in the form of their new sleepytime White Chocolate snack! ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet White Chocolates are infused with Melatonin, a Hormone that is naturally found in the Body to help you sleep. The 3g of Melatonin included in ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet White Chocolates naturally help you relax and unwind, making it easier to fall asleep. This is why people who's Bodies don't make enough Melatonin at night have trouble falling asleep, and may be the same reason you may have trouble sleeping if you do. And because ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet White Chocolates are low in Sugars and Carbs, it makes an even more perfect bedtime snack you you won't feel regretful after eating.

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