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Universal Nutrition Creatine 300g

Creatine supplementation can have a profound effect on your muscle-building efforts, which is why Universal Nutrition pulled out all of the stops when formulating their Creatine powder. Universal wanted to bring you only the finest, the very best when it comes to Creatine supplementation. Universal’s Creatine is comprised of 100% pure Creatine Monohydrate, a Creatine that is so pure it’s patented. What can Creatine supplementation do for you? Studies show that Creatine can dramatically increase athletic performance and strength by restoring ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – your body’s energy source for all muscular contractions. Although many pre-workout and post-workout supplements contain Creatine, this powerful supplement needs to be taken daily in order for it to have a long-term effect on your fitness goals. That’s why supplementing with pure Creatine is the absolute best way to maximize the benefits you’ll get from this incredible supplement: your workouts will be longer, more effective, and more intense. Clinical studies show that increasing overall Creatine levels helps delay  the onset of fatigue, increases energy metabolism in the cells, and enhances the body’s overall training capabilities. What’s more, Universal’s Creatine keeps your muscle volumized and hydrated, creating anti-catabolic conditions that will encourage lean muscle growth. Plus, Universal’s Creatine was formulated for maximum bioavailability and absorption, meaning that you will get the most out of every sip you take of this incredible product. If you haven’t added Creatine to your supplement arsenal, now is the time to see what this powerful supplement can do for your workouts. Order your tub of Universal Nutrition’s Creatine today and take your fitness goals to the next level!


  • Increases strength and performance
  • Restores ATP levels for enhanced endurance
  • Maximum absorption
  • Easily mixable
  • Volumizes and hydrates cells

Directions and Dosage

Universal Nutrition recommends mixing 1 teaspoon into 14-16oz. of your beverage of choice.

Ingredients and Label