Axe & Sledge All New Hard Hitting "DBAP" High Stim Pre-Workout

Axe & Sledge All New Hard Hitting "DBAP" High Stim Pre-Workout

Not to long ago Seth Feroce of Axe & Sledge teased a new preworkout labled "DBAP" on his Instagram Story. While little was known at the time what exactly was in this product, we now have the full label available. If you are a fan of high stimulant preworkouts then you have got to check this out!

Axe & Sledge DBAP Label

Seth Feroce promised that this would be much more intense than their other two preworkouts, Seventh Gear and Ignition Switch. The name "DBAP" is short for Don't Be A Pussy, and based off the ingredient label, the name fits it perfectly. DBAP features 475mg of caffeine, and 100mg of zumXr extended release caffeine giving it over 500mg of stimulants. Two forms of yohimbine and caffeine should be more than enough to have you amped and focused for the absolute most intense training sessions.

DBAP will be available in two flavors White Cherry and Sherbert. The current release date is set for Black Friday

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Jun 26th 2023 BigCommerce

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