Apollon Nutrition Releasing A Potent Pre-Workout Pill Furiousa

Apollon Nutrition Releasing A Potent Pre-Workout Pill Furiousa

Apollon Nutrition Furiousa

Apollon Nutrition is very well known for their hardcore formulas has announced a potent pre-workout formula which they are calling Furiousa. This is just another addition to the already existing list of pre-workouts the company has already made such as Assassin, Black Tulip, Lions Heart, Bloody Hell, Time Cop, Bare Knuckle, and Hooligan. Apollon Nutrition has quickly become one of the most popular brands on the market since its founding back in 2015. Over the past few months, Apollon Nutrition has expanded its line of products adding a creatine product CreaSmash, a standalone TUDCA, and a premium kidney health supplement Kidney Kindness.


Apollon Nutrition Furiousa Formula

Taking a look at the label, Furiousa will focus mainly on extreme energy and intense focus. Right off the bat we can see that per 5 capsules, you will be getting 350mg of caffeine and 139mg of zumXR delayed release caffeine. Putting this product already over 400mg of stimulants which is pretty normal for Apollon's line of pre-workouts. EnXtra is a trademark ingredient known as Alpinia Galanga which actually can help elevate alertness as well as amplifying the nootropic response to caffeine. Other nootropics like Alpha GPC 50% at 800mg, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine A are all added to boost mental alertness and get your mind ready for those intense training sessions.

These pills would be great to stack with Apollon's non-stim pre-workouts Bareknuckle, Bloodsport, or Bloody Hell their pump capsule formula. Apollon has stated that they will be releasing this product on Friday and we should hopefully be getting these in sometime in the next week For now, check out our site for the current Apollon Nutrition products we have available!

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