RYSE Teams Up With Noel Deyzel For An All New Pump Formula Pump Daddy!
RYSE Noel Deyzel's Pump Daddy Non Stim Pump Formu


Before it was known as the iconic RYSE Godzilla pre-workout, it originally was referred to as the Noel Deyzel Signature Pre-Workout. Over the weekend RYSE Supplements announced a second collaboration with Noel Deyzel for an all new non-stim pump formula Pump Daddy. The name says it all as opposed to Godzilla, Pump Daddy will focus solely on enhancing blood flow to give you those sleeve busting pumps.

Pump Daddy will feature a massive 28g of active ingredients. Each 2 scoops will contain 9g of pure citrulline, 4g of betaine, 4g of Hydromax Glycerol, 4g of Beta Alanine, and many more ingredients to give you a pump you will never forget. I along with many others are already very excited to get our hands on a tub of this new pump pre-workout. RYSE and Noel Deyzel will be launching Pump Daddy on Thanksgiving, and we should hopefully be getting this in not to long after. 


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