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Formulated with 12% natural vitamin C derived from acerola berries, citrus and cranberry bioflavonoids, and an organic 30% whole herb concentrate of green tea, grape seed, horsetail and elder flower, with essential oils of sweet orange, lavender and rose g-nium.

To achieve hydration you must apply water to the surface of the skin for ten minutes, fifteen if you are very dry. Do this in the shower or bath, or with a facial steamer. Immediately after hydration is achieved pat dry and apply the serum. The windows of the skin will stay open for about ten minutes and gradually return to normal. During the open time your skin will drink in the nutrition. After the skin has returned to normal remove the remaining Vitalizer from the surface with the Restorative Toner. This important step rebalances the surface pH. Apply a day or night cream to finish.