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Allmax Nutrition VitaFemme Multi-pack 21packs

From Allmax Nutrition, one of the leading brands in the fitness industry, comes a powerful complete multivitamin formulated specifically for active women: Vitafemme. Now with the convenient multi-pack, you can have all of your nutrients on hand  - no more guessing or filling up a pill container, it’s all right there in a pack ready to go! With just one multi-pack a day you can get all of your body’s required nutritional needs all wrapped up in 7 unique ingredient blends. The first, FEMESSENSE is comprised of 10 essential Vitamins, including two highly bioavailable forms of Vitamin C. The second blend, AGENTACT-F, consists of 5 antioxidants designed to fight against aging and keep you looking young and beautiful. Each serving of Vitafemme is loaded with 4 primary defense nutrients that support and improve immune function, making up the IMMUBOOST blend. Vitafemme also provides your complete Omega 3, 6, and 9 EFA (Essential Fatty Acid Complex), which has been proven to support cardiovascular health and increased brain function, with the PUREMEGA blend. Plus, Vitafemme’s ULTRAGEST blend is packed with prebiotics, probiotics, and a full spectrum of enzymes to assist with digestion and improve your immune system function in three different ways! Lastly, the LIBRAFLEX blend provides joint support while the FEMREPLEN blend supplies chelated key Minerals for maximum absorption. Together, all seven of these powerful compounds come together to provide you with a complete multivitamin that will keep your body running optimally in spite of intense exercise. Plus, like all products from Allmax Nutrition, Vitafemme is produced in a cGMP facility and undergoes a rigorous quality control process to ensure that you are getting only the finest ingredients at their most efficacious doses. If you are an active woman, there’s a good chance that your body is missing out on key nutrients that could be hurting your performance. Order your box of Allmax Nutrition’s Vitafemme today and start giving your body the fuel it needs!


  • 100% of your RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) Vitamins
  • Formulated specifically for women
  • Features anti-aging antioxidant blend
  • Loaded with pre and probiotics
  • Supports bone and joint health

Directions and Dosage

Allmax Nutrition recommends taking 1 pack daily. Stay well hydrated when taking this product.

Ingredients and Label

ALLERGY WARNING: some ingredients sourced from Shellfish