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Udos Choice Adv Adults Probiotic


9 specific bacterial strains For Adults with lower bowel conditions For Seniors 65 years & up at an appropriate strength, designed specifically with a higher percentage and concentration of bifidobacteria. Ingredients: Each vegetarian capsule is guaranteed to contain not less than 12 billion total viable cells (at "Best Before" date) of: Lactobacillus casei: 20%Lactobacillus rhamnosus: 20%Lactobacillus plantarum: 10%Bifidobacterium bifidum: 10%Bifidobacterium breve: 10%Bifidobacterium longum: 10%Lactobacillus acidophilus: 10% In a base of: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, ascorbic acid Suggested Use: Consume one capsule per day on a full stomach to maintain healthy intestinal flora or three capsules per day on a full stomach as a therapeutic treatment when suffering from intestinal disorders. Storage: Advanced Adult's blend may be frozen. Refrigeration ensures maximum potency and stability however; Advanced Adult's blend can be left unrefrigerated for short periods of time, making it convenient for travel.