Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals The Winter Bulking Summer Cutting Stack 24 Week Stack

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Winter Bulking Summer Cutting Stack 24 Week Stack

This is the Ultimate Stack that will have you covered year round. This stack contains everything you need to build muscle and bulk up during the colder months. This part of the stack consists of Superdrol and Decabolin. This portion of the stack will be taken for 8 weeks followed with 4 weeks off cycle taking Arimiplex as a PCT. Once Spring/Summer roll around and it's time for cutting you'll begin a cycle of 1-Testosterone and Winstrol. You'll run this cycle for 8 weeks followed up by another 4 Weeks taking Arimiplex as your PCT. All in all this is a 24 week cycle and is everything you need to keep your physique all year long!

What Are ProHormones?

ProHormones technically speaking are any intra-glandular substance that acts as a precursor of a hormone, normally having a minimal hormonal effect itself. Prohormones generally help in amplifying the effect of your existing hormones. 

What is a ProHormone Stack

Stacking refers to taking more than one prohormone at the same time. Typically when getting started with ProHormones most users begin with one, running a cycle of something like 1-Testosterone for their first stack. After getting a cycle or two under their belt many users will "stack" something with the 1-Testosterone to get a different combination of effects. One Prohormone for example might be good at adding mass to complement that someone may stack another prohormone that promotes dry gains, or one could stack another bulking prohormone to amplify that effect. 

This Stack Consists Of...

  • 3 Bottles Superdrol
  • 2 Bottles Decabolin
  • 2 Bottles Arimiplex
  • 2 Bottles 1-Testosterone
  • 2 Bottles Winstrol

Winter Bulking Summer Cutting Stack Highlights & Benefits

  • Bulk Up in the Winter
  • Cut and Get Ripped for The Summer
  • Increased Muscle Growth & Size
  • Increased Strength and Cutting During Those Warmer Months
  • Arimiplex as PCT to Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels
  • Maintain Your Desired Physique All Year Round

How To Take This Stack

When you're looking to bulk in the Fall/Winter take 2 tablets of Superdrol per day and 2 tablets of Decabolin per day. You'll run this for 8 weeks. Once that 8 weeks is completed you'll cycle off for 4 weeks while taking 2 tablets per day of Arimiplex.

When Spring/Summer come around and you're looking to cut you'll take 2 tablets of 1-Testosterone per day and 2 tablets of Winstrol per day.  You'll run this cycle for 8 weeks. Once you've completed your 8 weeks cycle you'll cycle off for 4 weeks while taking 2 tablets of Arimiplex per day. 

*It doesn't matter what time of day you take the pills or whether you take them with or without food, take them however works best for you. For best results take in divided doses twice daily. 

Winter Bulking Summer Cutting 24 Week Stack Ingredients

Superdrol Ingredients

Decabolin Ingredients

Arimiplex Ingredients

1-Testosterone Ingredients

Winstrol Ingredients

Warnings & Side Effects

Store in a cool dry place after opening. Do not exceed recommended dosage. For healthy adults 18 years of age and older. 

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