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SuppRx Building Blocks Protein 2lb

Feeling fatigued and unable to make it through the day? Protein can help with that. Protein provides the body with fuel to repair and build muscle tissues. Protein has the building blocks necessary to repair your body’s muscles after a workout. Protein takes longer than carbohydrates to break down in your body so you are hungry less often and you have a long-lasting energy to sustain you through the most active parts of your day. Protein is an important building block that aids in the growth, maintenance, and repair of muscle tissue. Essential parts of organisms, proteins participate in every process within cells. Proteins are vital to the metabolic process. The unique blend of rapidly assimilated proteins and slow release proteins make Building Blocks Protein ideal for all the body's protein needs. Rich in naturally-occurring branched chain amino acids (the building blocks of all protein), and providing a comprehensive blend of vitamins and essential minerals, Building Blocks Protein aids in the repair, growth, and development of lean muscle tissue. For all fitness goals, protein is the building block of muscle. Building Blocks Protein will help both men and women reach their optimal levels of complete fitness.


  • Builds and repairs lean muscle
  • Long-lasting energy through the day
  • Whey protein isolate/egg white complex for maximum absorption
  • Time released
  • Vital to the metabolic process


For Women, mix one rounded scoop of Building Blocks Protein with 4-8 ounces low fat milk or water (depending on desired consistency). For Men, mix two rounded scoops of Building Blocks Protein with 8-16 ounces low fat milk or water (depending on desired consistency).Take 1-3 servings per day or as recommended by a healthcare professional.


Contains Milk (from Whey Protein), Egg, and Soy (from Lecithin).