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(250mg) Reduces the levels of cortisol and increases the ant-stress hormone, D.H.E.A. Proven to counteract the negative effects of stress.
(200mg) An amino acid from green tea, L-Theanine has shown the ability to relieve anxiety, promote deep muscle relaxation and to directly stimulate the production of alpha brain waves, which are associated with deep states of relaxation and enhanced mental clarity.
(25mg) Inositol is essential for the proper function of brain neurotransmitters. According to clinical studies it is proven effective in reducing panic disorder symptoms, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorders.
Herbal Stress Blend
(210mg=990mg of whole herbal powder)
A unique formula designed to create an overall feeling of calmness and well-being, fight the effects of stress and boost the immune system. It includes:          Holy basil—Initiates a natural protective response to physical and emotional stress.
—Reduces the feelings of stress-related fatigue.
                         Lemon balm
—A natural mood enhancer, increases calmness and relieves the feelings of stress and anxiety.
—Boosts immunity in response to physical and mental stress.
PLUS a special blend of anti-stress nutrients including…
Vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6 and B-12; Calcium and Magnesium to resist the effcts of chemical, environmental and physical stress.

   Caffeine Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Soy Free.

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