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Patented ingredients are: Ionized water, Potassium and Sodium Minerals in Hydroxide form (in a proper and healthy ratio of the two minerals). AlkaLife® comes in a 1.2 oz bottle and lasts approximately 2 months when consumed 10 drops a day.

Caution - Beware of Alkalife imitators
There are imitations of AlkaLife®. Unless these products are infringing the patent, their mineral contents may cause side effects if consumed on a long-term basis. Not all the additives used to increase the pH value of drinking water are the same; please make sure you have the original AlkaLife®. If you see websites selling Alkalife® at very low prices or you suspect some type of fraud, what can you do? You can check the list of Authorized Alkalife Distributors to make sure that you are dealing with an authorized Alkalife distributor. To search the list fast simply use the Find option under the Edit menu of your browser and enter the website's domain name such as As you can see is an Authorized Distributor of Alkalife®.  Start using AlkaLife® slowly, gradually building up your daily usage to 10 drops a day.

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