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Directions: Toilet Stains & Odors- Apply directly to toilet bowl and under the rim. Scrub letting the micro-scrubbers do the works, then flush. No need to let sit! Porcelain, Sinks, Tubs & Tiles, & Shower Doors- Apply with sponge, soft brush or directly on stain. Rub lightly, letting the micro-scrubbers do the work.

Ingredients: Soybean oil extract, surfactants from coconut and/or corn, xanthan gum, zeolite, low pH silicate, linear sulfonate, essential oils from mint, less than 0.2% environmentally-friendly polymer, natural volcanic perlite, filtered water.

Warnings: In case of eye contact, flush water for at least 15 minutes. Contact a physician. In case of digestion, do not induce vomiting; drink plenty of water to dilute. Contact a physician.