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Acidum Carbolicum.....2X HPUS Ichthammol.....2X HPUS Arnica Mont.....3X HPUS Calendula Off.....3X HPUS Echinacea Ang.....3X HPUS Sulphur.....12X HPUS Hepar Sulph.....12X HPUS Silicea.....12X HPUS Rosin Beeswax Petrolatum Stearyl Alcohol Methyl & Propyl Paraben

Suggested Use:
Wash Affected area with Hot Water, Dry And Apply PRID Twice Daily On Clean Bandage or gauze. Do not squeeze or pressure irritated skin area. After irritation subsides, repeat application once a day for several days. Children under two years, consult a physician.