Size: 10 Lbs
Flavor: Chocolate Caramel
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Serving Size: 2 Scoops (165g) Servings Per Container: 28 Amount Per Serving: Calories 656 Calories from Fat 99 Total Fat 11g 5% Saturated Fat 4g 18% Cholesterol 160mg 53% Sodium 364mg 15% Total Carbohydrates 88g 29% Dietary Fiber 4g 17% Sugar 7g Protein 51g 102% R-Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg Iron 3mg Calcium 490mg Creatine Malate 3g Amino Acid Profile Per Serving: L-Alanine 2.68g **R-gene 1.1g L-Aspartic Acid 6.1g L-Cystine .42g L-Glutamic Acid 4.3g L-Glycine 2.31g L-Isoleucine (bcaa) 4.12g L-Leucine (bcaa) 6.12g L-Lycine 4.48g L-Methionine .88g L-Phenylanine 1.58g L-Proline 3.82g L-Serine 4.10g L-Threonine 3.81g L-Tryptophan .81g L-Tyrosine 1.94g L-Valine (bcaa) 2.16g Ingredients: Cross flow micro filtered ion exchanged whey protein, fructose, maltodextrine, dutch processed cocoa, natural and artificial flavor, silicon dioxide, guar gum, acesulfame potassium, tribasic calcium phosphate. Directions: Mix with 10-12 oz. water or milk. Use as a supplement to a health diet to achieve the desired muscle gain. Use one half to one serving between meals 1-4 times per day.

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