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Serving Size: (48 g)
Servings per Container: 5

åÊåÊ åÊAmount Per ServingåÊåÊ åÊ% Daily Value
CaloriesåÊåÊ åÊ180åÊåÊ åÊ
åÊåÊ Calories from FatåÊåÊ åÊ60åÊåÊ åÊ
Total FatåÊåÊ åÊ6 gåÊåÊ åÊ9%
åÊåÊ Saturated FatåÊåÊ åÊ2.5 gåÊåÊ åÊ13%
åÊåÊ Trans FatåÊåÊ åÊ0 gåÊåÊ åÊ
CholesterolåÊåÊ åÊ0 mgåÊåÊ åÊ0%
SodiumåÊåÊ åÊ230 mgåÊåÊ åÊ10%
Total CarbohydrateåÊåÊ åÊ29 gåÊåÊ åÊ10%
åÊåÊ Dietary FiberåÊåÊ åÊ5 gåÊåÊ åÊ20%
åÊåÊ SugarsåÊåÊ åÊ9 gåÊåÊ åÊ
ProteinåÊåÊ åÊ9 gåÊåÊ åÊ
Vitamin AåÊåÊ åÊåÊåÊ åÊ0%
Vitamin CåÊåÊ åÊåÊåÊ åÊ0%
CalciumåÊåÊ åÊåÊåÊ åÊ4%
IronåÊåÊ åÊåÊåÊ åÊ8%
Vitamin EåÊåÊ åÊåÊåÊ åÊ20%

Other Ingredients: Gluten free rolled oats, soy nuggets (isolated soy protein, rice starch), dark chocolate coating (sugar, fractionated palm kernel oil, cocoa processed with alkali, lactose, palm oil, soy lecithin, and vanilla), maltitol syrup, organic brown rice syrup, organic evaporated cane juice powder, almonds, gum arabic, inulin, glycerin, walnuts, bananas, high oleic sunflower oil, sea salt, mixed tocopherols, natural flavor.

Allergens: soy and tree nuts. Processed in a facility that also processes egg, milk, peanut, wheat products.

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