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Seasons of the Soul Gift Set 2oz


6 Oils Included in Flower Essence Seasons of the Soul Gift Box:

***1. Spring - Dandelion Dynamo***
      Dandelion Dynamo is an excellent tonic for the spring season, but is also an important year-round formula for balancing the spring-like forces in the body and soul. For those who tend toward an overly phlegmatic or lethargic condition, Dandelion Dynamo cuts through many forms of congestion and contraction in the body. Dandelion Dynamo can also benefit those individuals with too much intensity and activity, tending to over-schedule and over-plan their lives. Because these mental, "air" forces are out of touch with the metabolism, the head, neck and shoulders are particularly subject to stress and chronic patterns of tension. Dandelion Dynamo is also very helpful for many forms of premenstrual or menopausal tension, especially where symptoms of fluid retention predominate.
         1. As a general spring tonic, to bring lively, active forces to the body, counteracting winter lethargy or "spring fever."
         2. For overexertion or excessive physical activity leading to stiffness and tightness in the muscles.
         3. Helpful for women who experience water retention, especially as a prelude to the menstrual rotate or for general symptoms of premenopause.
         4. Generally beneficial as a compress in many situations in which the liver meridian needs to be regenerated, such as drug clean or menopause.
         5. Beneficial for those whose lifestyle or temperament tends toward a great deal of mental or physical activity, often short-changing rest and relaxation.Dandelion Blossom
         6. Especially helpful for chronic tension and stiffness in the neck and shoulders.
***2. Summer - Mugwort Moon Magic***
      The abundant and expansive lunar qualities of Mugwort make it a plant which is highly favored for the feminine reproductive system. Mugwort Moon Magic is valued by midwives who use it to stimulate the uterus at the concluding stages of pregnancy and throughout the birthing process, as well as to facilitate lactation for the nursing mother. Mugwort oil is also very helpful for toning and regulating the reproductive system and enhancing female fertility. Mugwort oil holds many other qualities which are very salutary for a wide spectrum of general health needs. In acupuncture, moxa made of Mugwort is applied as a smoke to meridian areas which need to be brought into greater warmth and expansiveness. Mugwort oil can provide these same qualities without the invasive use of smoke. Mugwort Moon Magic should be particularly considered for parts of the body which are lacking in circulation and appear blue or feel cold.
      Mugwort Moon Magic also balances those who may have too many "summer" forces and are thus quite psychically expanded and dreamy. Mugwort has the unique cap:" ":sychic impressions and dream recall. Regular application of Mugwort Moon Magic on the breast and the heart areas helps to balance and center the three lower "embodiment" chakras, with the three higher "spiritual" energy centers of the soul.
      Please note: although Mugwort Moon Magic can be used to prepare for delivery, it should not be used during pregnancy itself.
         1. Apply compresses of Mugwort Oil to areas of the body which are blue in color or cold to the touch, such as varicose veins where the flow of blood is restricted or stagnant.
         2. Extremely beneficial as a general balm for female reproductive health, especially erratic moon rotates longer than 28 days, or premature onset of menopause.
         3. Recommended by many midwives during labor and delivery, and for facilitating lactation .
         4. Helpful for bringing "summer forces" during the winter-time, or for winter-like conditions of the body: cold hands and feet, and hardening or stiffening conditions like rheumatism.
         5. Similar to the "moxa" treatments of oriental acupuncture, Mugwort oil increases circulation and energetic flow within the various meridian pathways of the body by pulling constricted forces to the periphery.
         6. Helpful for those who need to balance a predominance of "moon" qualities (such as emotional and psychic sensitivity) with solar clarity and embodied physical warmth.

***3. Autumn - Arnica Alleve***
      Arnica Alleve can be used preventatively to aid body and soul to maintain equanimity, as well as when there is specific pain and injury. Arnica is known traditionally for its many anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities, as well as for promoting tissue regeneration. It is used in herbal and homeopathic practices to provide restoration from many kinds of bodily traumas, such as bruises, sprains, contusions, various forms of myalgia, hyperextensions, sports injury and recovery from surgery. On a more subtle level, Arnica Alleve helps the soul to reestablish its balance and equilibrium from any kind of physical or psychic trauma.
      Please note: Arnica in any form can cause an adverse reaction if applied to open cuts or wounds, or in cases of acute hypersensitivity in the skin (such as dermatitis). However, compresses can be applied over properly bandaged areas when there is need of pain relief and regeneration.
         1. Rub Arnica Alleve directly into areas which are experiencing trauma or injury — such as bruises or sprains. Do not apply to open wounds or cuts; use in warm compresses over properly bandaged areas.
         2. Massage Arnica Alleve into potential stress areas of the body before major sports events or other physical challenges. Then use again for post-event massage and/or take a warm bath with Arnica Alleve immediately afterwards.
         3. Use Arnica Alleve in massages or baths as a preparation for surgery and in compresses over the bandaged areas after surgery.
         4. Warm compresses of Arnica Alleve can be applied directly to the kidney area or kidney meridian points. These applications can be particularly beneficial for those who experience health challenges in the autumn season.
         5. Use Arnica Alleve for soul-healing at times of personal adversity or challenge; or at times when one feels melancholic and weighed down by life events.
         6. Include Arnica Alleve as part of your first aid or travel kit, and have it with you during any major wilderness excursion or sporting event. Immediate applications may speed pain relief and prevent more serious complications later.

***4. Winter - Saint John's Shield***
      In recent years, St. John's Wort has exploded into prominence, noted primarily for its natural ability to treat symptoms of depression. The essential quality of St. John's Shield is addressing depression and feelings of immobilization, it is very beneficial for "Seasonal Affective Disorder" from which many people suffer during winter, when outer light is reduced. St. John's Shield can be equally helpful during summer, especially for fair-skinned persons who become easily disoriented and out-of-focus when exposed to harsh light conditions. St. John's Shield should also be considered for insomnia, and other related disturbances in the sleep rhythm of the body, such as bedwetting in young children, or bodily upset from travel. The strong light-bearing qualities of St. John's Wort give it many excellent anti-viral and neuralgic qualities. Current scientific studies point to its potential in the treatment of AIDS, while St. John's Wort has been used for centuries in the treatment of wounds and for a myriad of neuralgic complaints such as sciatica, shingles and, more recently, carpal tunnel syndrome.
      Please note: St. John's Wort has been proven to have many powerful photosensitive properties, and caution should be exercised in applying the oil to the skin before prolonged exposure to the sun, especially for fair-skinned individuals. However, St. John's Shield can be very helpful for treating sunburned skin.
         1. Generally beneficial as a winter balm, for helping to counteract such conditions as the winter "blues" or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), by anchoring light into the inner body and soul.
         2. Highly beneficial for all "winter" depressive conditions throughout the year, when one feels bereft, anxious, immobilized or fearful, and must discover an inward sense of light and emotional containment.
         3. To help bedwetting in children, massage St. John's Shield into the inner-thigh and bladder regions on a nightly basis. Warm compresses on the kidney and bladder areas can also be very helpful.
         4. Use warm compresses of St. John's Shield for wounds, especially injuries involving peripheral nerve damage or trauma.
         5. Use in baths on a nightly basis to regulate sleep rhythms disturbed by insomnia, stress or travel.
         6. Consider St. John's Shield for times of psychic stress or spiritual challenge, especially in conjunction with prayer and meditation, and for dealing with adverse influences from nonphysical realms.

***5. All Year - Calendula Caress***
      Calendula is a remarkable restorer of the human flesh, with outstanding anti-inflammatory, vulnerary and disinfectant properties. The maternal, comforting qualities of Calendula Caress make it ideal for the delicate skin of infants and children, and as a beneficent balm for birthing and nursing mothers. Calendula Caress bestows a calming, quieting touch and should be used for all forms of irritation and inflammation. Compresses of Calendula can be applied to areas of internal inflammation, such as the digestive organs, or to parts of the body which are swollen, such as the lymphatic glands. On a more subtle level, Calendula Caress helps bring us into a gentle and loving disposition of soul, showing us the path by which we can heal others with our own word and touch. Calendula was named by the Romans who observed that this plant blooms nearly every month of the calendar year. Through Calendula Caress we come to the very essence of the Seasons of the Soul journey — that what lives in Nature as a creative, nurturing force can also live in our own hearts.
         1. Use for irritated or inflamed skin, and apply in compresses over slow-healing wounds or skin ulcers.
         2. Use for children or infants, or for any skin which is delicate and hypersensitive.
         3. Baths and massages with Calendula Caress bring a calming, receptive quality to the soul, especially to counteract irritable or argumentative situation