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Suggested use:̴Ì_ As a dietary supplement, 1 scoop one or two times daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Mix with 2 to 4 ounces of cold water or juice.

Serving Size ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_1 Scoop (8.8 g)
Servings per container ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_30

Amount per serving: ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_
Calories ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_38
Calories from fat ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_11
Total fat ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_1.4 g
Saturated fat ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_0.3 g
Sodium ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_4.4 mg
Total carbohydrates ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_6.6 g
Dietary fiber ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_1.5 g
Sugars ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_1.8 g
Protein ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_0.3 g
Vitamin A ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_5.8 IU
Calcium ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_10 mg
Iron ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_0.3 mg
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_61.5 mg
Amla (Fruit) ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_2000 mg
Acerola (Fruit) Extract 4:1 ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_750 mg
Acai (Berry) Extract 4:1 ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_600 mg
Jujube (Fruit) Extract 6:1 ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_500 mg
Gojiberry Extract 40% ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_300 mg
Pomegranate (Fruit) Extract 5% ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_200 mg
Strawberry (Fruit) Powder ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_200 mg
Raspberry (Fruit) Concentrate ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_175 mg
Raspberry (Fruit) Powder ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_100 mg
Aronia (Berry) Extract 2:1 ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_100 mg
Bilberry (Fruit) Extract 25% ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_50 mg
Maqui (Fruit) Juice Extract ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_20 mg
Grape (Seed) Extract (95% Proanthocyanidins) ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_10 mg
Lecithin ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_2000 mg
Apple Fiber ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_1565 mg
Apple Pectin ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_25 mg
Lactobacillus sporogenes ̴Ì_̴Ì_ ̴Ì_6 billion

Other ingredients: Guar gum, malic acid, licorice extract, silicon dioxide.

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