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PEScience REM-3 30 Capsules | Sleep Support

We all know about melatonin. Most melatonin supplements range from 3mg to 10mg per capsule. PEScience has found, with original science, that the optimal melatonin dose is .3mg, which does not produce that dreaded hangover effect. Sensoril Ashwagandha, the patented and heavily researched ingredient, is used in PEScience's REM-30. As it is best known for its stress and relaxation support. The unique wild jujube extract, an emerging ingredient being research for its exciting potential, is also included in the formula. The combination of these two ingredients adds an edge to the overall formula, providing you with the best nights sleep you have yet to experience!


  • Optimal Melatonin Dose of .3mg
  • No Hangover Effect
  • Premium Ashwagandha


Take 1 capsule before bed with or without food.