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Traditionally: Yerba Mate is enjoyed in a carved gourd with a bombilla (a filtered straw) but this special cut is suitable for just about any use. Try these:

Coffee Machine:
Put 1/4 cup of herb into the filter (adjust to your desired strength). Run the coffee machine's rotate as normal. For a smoother taste, wet herb with cold water before running rotate.

Tea Pot or Tea Ball:
Use between 1 tsp to 1 tbsp per cup, and let steep to desired strength.

French Press:
In an 8 cup press, use about 1/3 cup herb (adjust to your desired strength). In 3-4 cup presses, use 3-4 tbsp. Pre-moisten with cold water before adding hot water to the press. Allow to steep for 5 minutes.

Cold Steeped:
For iced tea, add 1/4 cup per quart to a pitcher or jar. Add cold water and let steep overnight, (in refrigerator or cool spot) for a least 4 hours. Sweeten and add lemon or lime. If you are in a hurry, put tea bags in your water bottle, shake, let sit for five minutes and enjoy.

Ingredients: 100% certified organic yerba mate.