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Nuts 'N More Almond Butter 16 Oz | High Protein Snack

Nuts 'N More Almond Butter is a high performance protein almond butter designed for high performance athletes. If you are looking for an alternative protein source then look no further than Nuts 'N More Almond Butter.

Nuts 'N More Almond Butter Benefits

  • 14 Grams of Protein
  • No Sugar Added
  • High In Fiber
  • Added Omega's
  • No Sodium
  • Organic Flax
  • Fortified with whey protein and flaxseed, our nut butters have an extra source of protein and heart- and brain-healthy omega-3s

Nuts 'N More Almond Butter Directions

Open & Enjoy Nuts 'N More Almond Butter.