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CytoSport Muscle Milk Collegiate 5.29 Lb

By taking our Muscle Milk formula we decided to make it even better. By formulating it for College athletes who are so hard pressed to get in adequate calories. We have a high quality blend of ingredients that provide quality calories from fat protein & carbs. Helping athletes get in the nutrients they need to perform both on the field and off!


  • 32g of Protein
  • 12g Carbohydrates
  • 18g of Healthy Lipids


Two scoops supply the following ingredients:

Total Calories - 348

Calories From Fat - 162

Total Fat - 18g, 28%

Saturated Fat - 8g, 40%

Cholesterol - 3mg, 1%

Sodium - 200mg, 8%

Potassium - 595mg, 17%

Total Carbohydrates - 12g, 4%

Dietary Fiber - <2g, 8%

Sugars - 6g

Protein - 32g, 64%

Vitamin A - 33%

Vitamin C - 33%

Calcium - 33%

Iron - 33%

Vitamin D - 33%

Vitamin E - 33%

Thiamin (B1) - 33%

Riboflavin (B2) - 33%

Niacin (B3) - 33%

Pyridoxine (B6) - 33%

Folic Acid - 33%

Cyanocobalamin (B12) - 33%

Biotin - 33%

Pantothenic Acid - 33%

Phosphorus - 33%

Iodine - 33%

Magnesium - 33%

Zinc - 33%

Copper - 33%

Chromium - 100mcg, 33%

Ingredients: EVOPRO(TM) Our Custom Evaluation based protein, peptide, and amino acid matrix, designed to closely reflect the nitrogen components and ratios found in human mother's milk (Micellar Alpha and Beta Casiens and Cassienates, Whey concentrates, rich in Alpha-Lactalbumin, Whey Isolates, Whey Peptides, Purified Bovine Colostrum Extract rich in Secretory IgA and IGF-1, Glutamine Peptides, L-Taurine, Lactofemin). LEANLIPIDES(TM) Lipid complex selected for thermogenic and unique energy properties (Canola Oil, BETAPOL (TM) [Enzyme Engineered Polyunsaturated Long-Chain Vegetable Oils] MCT's, L-Carnitine), Maltodextrin, CYTOVITE I(TM), Vitamin and Mineral premix consisting of (Vitamin A acetate, cholecalciferol, d-alpha-tocopherol acetate, ascorbic acid, folate, thiamine monohydrate, riboflavin, niacinamide, pyrodoxine HCL, cyanocobalamine, biotin, pantothenic acid, di-calcium phosphate, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, ferrous fumerate, magnesium oxide, copper gluconate, and zinc oxide), gum arabic, ENDOCREATINE (TM) our proprietary, patent pending endogenous creatine precursor (Glycocyamine, betaine anhydrous, SAMe [S-Andenosylmethionine]), Natural and Artificial flavors, lecithin, sucralose.

Please Note:

Nutritional content and ingredients may vary slightly between Muscle Milk flavors

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Nathaniel B.
United States
1st time customer

It was fantastic. The entire process was great and I would recommend you to all of my friends